When our chapter decides to commit to working on a particular issue or campaign, we formalize that commitment into a working group. Read below about the working groups our chapter has and how you can get started!

The Reproductive Justice Working Group is removing financial and logistical barriers to abortion access and reproductive healthcare, primarily through the Hampton Roads Reproductive Justice League, an abortion access fund for the Hampton Roads area. Those interested in helping out are encouraged to sign up at https://hrrjl.com/volunteer/

The Housing Justice Working Group seeks to build power among tenants, displaced and unsheltered people impacted by COVID, the eviction crisis, and forced relocation in Hampton Roads, grounding themselves in autonomy, harm reduction, mutual aid, & abolition. Their work is done through Tidewater Tenants Rights. To get involved, you can send an email to tidewatertenantsrights@gmail.com

The Eco-Socialist Working Group works to bring a greener future to the masses and is involved in anti-pipeline campaigns in Virginia, having taken part in a campaign which successfully stopped the Header Improvement Project, currently working to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline. You can find out what the group is up to on its TDSA Eco-socialist Working Group page on Facebook.

The Anti-Imperialism Working Group strives to educate members and the community about imperialism, both historic and current, as well as to organize and fight against imperialism wherever possible. The primary focus of the current educational work is the ongoing article series, which you can find on our website here. If you have an idea for an article or action to help promote anti-imperialism in the area, you can sign up to participate at https://bit.ly/AntiImpSignup.