When our chapter decides to commit to working on a particular issue or campaign, we formalize that commitment into a working group. Read below about the working groups our chapter has and what they do! Wanna get involved? Email us at tidewaterdsa@gmail.com

The Mutual Aid Working Group works to help guide our already existing mutual aid work to be transformative and meaningful, keep building the chapter, and make sure we are striving to build mutual aid and not just charity. Currently we hold a monthly mutual aid event on the Peninsula and help out allied organizations with their mutual aid work.

The Trans and Reproductive Rights Committee guides our organizing work and helps us coordinate with other chapters and organizations participating in the national Campaign for Reproductive Rights and Trans Liberation passed at the DSA National Convention in August 2023.

The Rising Tide is the newly created publication arm for Tidewater DSA. The chapter publication will be used to help members create long form writing such as articles, pamphlets, and zines to further our socialist organizing mission.