Request An Invite To Our Meetings

For security reasons, many of our meetings, such as our weekly socials and and our general assembly meetings. are password protected. To request access, go to

Submit a Working Group

We’re a democratic organization, which means that the work we choose to focus on as chapter are decided on by our membership and we do this by creating a working group. If you have an idea for a working group and commit to become a coordinator on it, you can submit a working group here:

Request an Endorsement

New endorsement requests for the 2021 elections are closed, but if there’s an event or action you’d like to collaborate with us on you are always welcome to reach out to

File a Grievance

We take safety and inclusivity seriously at Tidewater DSA. If you are a member of Tidewater DSA who has experienced harassment or assault or any manner of toxic or hostile behaviors, or even if you are not a member and you have important info to tell us in regards to the conduct of one of our members, we have two appointed Harassment & Grievance Officers that are independent of our chapter’s leadership (their names are Brett and Shefali) that you can reach out to at with your concern or formally file a grievance by going to For more information about how the grievance process works for the DSA, take a look at DSA National’s Resolution 33 as well as Tidewater DSA’s Code of Conduct including in our chapter bylaws or reach out to if you have any questions.

Update Your Contact Information

If you need to update your contact information, you can fill out the following form: We’ll see the request and update our information as soon as we can. If we don’t yet have your information, you can sign up at: